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For Christmas I gifted myself a new bag that could accommodate my laptop. I have one other nicer bag that fits my laptop – an old Kate Spade number that I’ll feature in another post – and a few others that I cycle through whenever I get bored of one.

This time around I was looking for something that had a zip top, was made of quality leather, had the option of a longer strap but also comfortable shoulder straps, and didn’t have too many adornments. I tend to like extra details here and there but I wanted a bag that would really last so I thought the simpler the better.


Oohhhhh. Ahhhhhhh.

I took the Tory Burch Stacked T for a spin but it was way, way, way too small to fit my work laptop which is a 13″ Macbook Air. I saw this bag at the Macy’s on the Strip and filed it away as a possible contender. After much hemming and hawing I took the plunge and ta da this pretty bag is mine all mine.

Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle Tote (via Piperlime) also comes in a smaller ‘satchel’ version



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