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While I like to think of myself as thoughtful in my wardrobe choices I confess that I dressed quite badly for working out. I’m talking super loose, faded (fine, sometimes hole ridden too) sweats and random, ill fitting tshirts from work offsites or vacations of years gone by. My sneakers were a Christmas gift from my brother awhile ago because my previous pair were so sad looking.

In the span of one week I had a coworker make jabs at my workout attire in addition to my parents claiming that they looked kawawa. Kawawa (say it out loud, it’s fun) means pitiful. Dang.

You can blame my workout clothes obsession on these people.


Sorry for the bathroom shot but I love, love, love this zip up so I had to share. For reference, I’m wearing an XS. It has thumb holes (yay), a deep kangaroo pocket to hold your phone (squee), a back pocket for keys (thank goodness), and fits closely enough to be flattering but not so much that you got rolls happening (aw yea).

Asics Thermopolis Thermal LT 1/2 Zip in Shock (color sold out but black and purple still available) from Zappos  | Nike Legend Tank in Electro Purple | Under Armour Fly By Compression Capri in Black


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