eating > marukame udon

I don’t even like udon.

But I like Marukame Udon.

Maybe it’s the cafeteria line or the very diligent looking chefs in the open kitchen. Maybe it’s the array of fried things you can get as add ons or the runny egg that comes with the ontama udon.

I don’t even know.


Perfectly bite-able thick udon noodles in a hot, salty ‘sauce’ garnished with a soft boiled egg, green onion, and fried tempura bits. You get the fresh crunch of the green onion on top of the oily crunch of the tempura then the soft (but not too soft) udon and then if you’re an egg fiend like me – YOLK. All dat yolk.

I had tempura mushrooms and shrimp on the side. It’s not like I need to be in a bathing suit any time soon. Wait.

Don’t these chefs look really diligent?


Marukame Udon: 2310 Kuhio Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815


7 thoughts on “eating > marukame udon

      • Francesca Maria says:

        My husband went to Waikiki when he was studying in the US. I have never been to Hawaii, but I’ve heard it’s a beautiful place. We have a beach here near us, San Vito beach, and it’s called the Hawaii of Sicily:)

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