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In this age of souped up airplanes I am shackled to Star Alliance and more specifically to United. This means that there is always a possibility that I will step aboard an aircraft that has no individual entertainment consoles. (The worst was a 13 hour flight to Hong Kong. I actually tweeted to United that that entire set up was ridiculous. I mean, I expect the super bare bones no-drinks, no-food, no-food, no-smiles on domestic flights but international? Come on now.) This means I always need books at the ready in case I’m stuck in a metal tube hurtling through the air with strangers and nothing to pass the time 

I circumnavigated the world in February (does that count as circumnavigating if I didn’t do any actual navigation except inside the airport?) and thought I had escaped the long-but-no-tv flight but it caught up to me on my NRT to SFO flight. Luckily, I was waist deep in The Origin Mystery.


There are two books released in this self published trilogy: The Atlantis Gene and The Atlantis Plague. Read them in order unless you like being confused. They are longish but easy, quick paced reads. These are in the Sci-Fi genre which I don’t generally spend time in but the many well-starred reviews and cheapy price lured me in.

Note that this is not super gore-ridden like your average apocalyptic plague stories. There’s a lot of DNA and genomes and gallivanting around the world and a little bit of war going on but no zombies or pages and pages of biological crudeness.

The Atlantis Gene and The Atlantis Plague via Amazon


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