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We ended up at Crepes No Ka ‘Oi after a failed attempt at eating at The Food Company which was inexplicably closed the fine Friday afternoon we tried to eat there. No matter. Crepes No Ka ‘Oi ended up being a nice break from the standard Hawaiian food binge we’ve been on since Wednesday.

We paired off and got sweet and savory crepes to share. Jess and I got the Vegetarian (without olives) and the Healthy Alternative which was a sweet crepe with yogurt, honey, granola, bananas, and strawberries.



These crepes were huge. Crispy in places but still soft with fresh veggies – spinach, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes – packed inside. A dose of cheese was included too.



I’m not sure why no one has ever thought to put yogurt in a crepe before. It’s a great idea! I mean they’re all such lovely breakfast foods why not put them together. You get tangy yogurt, sweet honey, crunchy granola, fresh fruits, hot crepe. This is all sorts of right.

This place is small and cute with a friendly and attentive staff to boot.

Crepes No Ka ‘Oi: 131 Hekili St #106, Kailua, HI 96734


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