eating > musubi cafe iyasume

This little cafe is tucked away in an alley in Waikiki. It’s a mecca for anyone wanting some musubis.

They make it super cute (ie small-ish) here. Get 1-2 if you want a snack but 3+ if you’re making  a meal of it. We grabbed these en route to our beach day at Hanuama and Lanikai. They are the perfect on-the-go food.



I ordered the tuna mayo bonito rice roll but think I ended up with just the tuna mayo version. This was good – sticky, tasty rice, not too much mayo – but I could have done with a bit more tuna throughout.



I also got the spam, egg, and cucumber musubi. Such a nice little bite of food and perfect for breakfast. The cucumber adds a nice touch of crunch.

I ended up back at Iyasume the day after for lunch after a failed attempt to meet up with my cousin (hmph).


(Yah, that’s the MickeyD’s taro pie to round out my Hawaiian meal.) I got the mini beef bowl which was good but had lots of fatty and cartilagey/tendony parts. I think the regular spam musubi trumps the other musubi types though. In contrast the spam, egg, cucumber version runs ever so slightly too sweet. The original – spam and rice only – lets you appreciate the canned lunch meat in all of its glory.

Musubi Cafe Iyasume: 2410 Koa Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815



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