eating > homemade hot pot

Three weeks of traveling finally caught up with me this week. My brain was like, “Where are we and what time is it??” (Secondarily, it was also saying “Let’s not sleep when it’s time to sleep!”)

Sorry, brain. We’re at work in the Bay Area and you are tired. Very tired. Please answer a million emails now.

My tiredness translated into a week of very poor dinner choices including: take out Olive Garden (Monday), a single Taco Bell taco at 10pm (Tuesday), and a McChicken with no mayo plus fries (Thursday). By Friday it was time to up the dinner game and eat something not wack.

Answer: homemade hot pot.



I put miso paste, ginger slices, cilantro, and green onion to flavor our hot pot broth. Most folks leave it plain or use one of those seasoning packets with the little sheep on it. For hot potting we use sliced beef, crab sticks, shrimp, enoki and oyster mushrooms, napa cabbage,  and baby bok choy.  I used to make this really complicated dipping sauce that has something like 9 ingredients but it basically dirties 9 different spoons and takes the entire counterspace to conjure up.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

These days we just use a Japanese sesame dressing doctored up with sriracha.

We also broke out a bottle of Don De Dieu which is a well rated beer with a high-ish alcohol content. Perfect with steamy, lovely hot pot.


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