eating > salted egg crab (nom nom)

Have I lectured you yet about how all of the tourists come to Singapore and eat chili crab but there are other crab dishes that are WAY WAY BETTER? I’m convinced that Singaporeans actually tell the tourists about chili crab so they can hide the actually good crab dishes and keep them for themselves. So smart la. Very kiasu.

Put down the spicy ketchup crab and order (1) salted egg crab, (2) butter crab, (3) white pepper crab, and/or (4) black pepper crab. Yes, that’s the order of my crab preference.

This was my first time eating salted egg crab — grr (I’m looking at you, Singaporean friends). It was like a mix of my favorite butter crab (think buttery, creamy, slightly sweet, with aromatic curry leaves) but with rich and salty salted egg.


Timeout for a salted egg lesson. If you’re Filipino these itlog na maalat are usually dyed red. In other Asian markets they usually keep them undyed but they’re marked and/or sometimes have a slightly gray hue to them. The eggs have been left in salt solution for weeks giving them the distinct saltiness (duh) put also a grainy, stiffer texture when cooked.

We also had two kinds of hor fun, kang kong (please pretend to be healthy), marmite chicken (yuuum), some crazy complicated fried roll thing, bean curd, black pepper crab, chicken liver, and steamed mantou (soft pillows of dough that you use to dip into the saucy crab dishes). The steamed mantou was nothing to scoff at but I miss the small, fried mantou from Uncle Leong’s and Mellben because, well, it’s fried.


The aftermath.

Keng Eng Kee Seafood Restaurant: #01-136, 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 150124


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