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Remember the time we ate bananas fosters pancakes and Mac 24/7 in Hawaii?

It was right after my glorious victory at Dance Central at Nocturna where I schooled (final score: 500,000 vs 50,000) that guy with my mad dance moves on DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love Again. My entire Dance Central life culminated in that moment.

That was right after that time when I very politely took the mic from the unsuspecting dudes who were just trying to sing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and played the “Can my friend sing instead? It’s her bachelorette” card.

Which was right after the hours we spent in our own karaoke room singing at the top of our lungs especially when Bruno Mars came on because who doesn’t love Bruno Mars?

And that was right after we forced each other to drink a million beers and eat many fried things at that katsu restaurant where the staff was very good about dealing with our obnoxiousness.

And that whole thing actually started back at the hotel where we had finally used those drink tickets for bad wine and then inhaled some poke nachos and got our pictures taken by some helpful fellow tourists.

But I just wanted to tell you about pancakes. This is supposedly a short stack even though it’s bigger than your face.


Look at it. Of course it’s good.

Mac 24/7: 2500 Kuhio Ave (inside the Hilton), Honolulu, HI 96815


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