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I braved the 101 northbound for the best reason – dinner with a dear friend. We settled on Millbrae as the meeting point since it’s an easy BART ride from Union Square for him and a non-city destination for yours truly.

What the heck is there to eat in Millbrae?

Apparently many things because this area of Millbrae was straight poppin’ when we got there. We targeted Ben Tre after some requisite Yelping and were happily greeted by flavorful bbq, ginormous bowls of vermicelli, steamy pho, and some of the best fried egg rolls I’ve ever had.


Because I’m a good friend, I gave Jerry a section of egg roll to try. He agreed on the extreme delicious factor.

We then had a major fail by attempting to get dessert at Quickly where they had no brick toast and no waffles and no sago. They did have shockingly bad boba – shriveled, soft on the inside, hard on the outside. Blech.

Ben Tre Vietnamese Restaurant: 219 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94030



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