getting > warm fuzzies

Is there anything better than the feeling of relief?  The relief from some physical pain, the relief of finishing an important work presentation, the relief of finding the perfect shoes to wear with that dress. All of these things feel glorious.

Every few months or so I try to pass on a feeling of relief. I look up some of the projects that are nearing their expiration date on Donors Choose and fully fund them. I get a kick out of knowing that the teacher will get an email that says – hey your project met its goal!

Relief! Hooray!

This morning I helped 2 different classrooms meet their goals –

1. A classroom in Boston is getting a portable A/C so their classroom isn’t sweltering hot this summer. This spoke to me because I remember fidgeting in my seat at the University of the Philippines trying to pay attention in film class while trying to ignore the sweat dripping down my back. No one can pay attention like that!

2. A classroom in Santa Ana is getting National Geographic atlases. Maps for everybody! If you know me IRL I don’t have to explain this one. 🙂

While I think it’s kinda weird to post about my personal donating habits, if it inspires you to do some giving then I’ll welcome the weirdness any day.

Bonus: The students you help will send you thank you notes (routed to you via Donors Choose). Cute!



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