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I’m the first to admit my black hearted ways but this piece – Before We Fall in Love by Kristin Monk – tugged at my usually frozen heartstrings. Ugh, feelings.


I want to talk to everyone about Noosa yogurt but most people don’t wanna talk about yogurt on the regular. I’ve been eating it – with it’s full fat goodness – all month. We’re talking Costco-level packs of this stuff in the fridge at all times. The lemon flavor actually has lemon curd in it. Genius.



My To Write Love On Her Arms tank got so much wear this month. I reach for it as soon as it’s out of the dryer. I wear it around the house with jammies, I wear it to the gym with sweatpants, I wear it for weekend errands with comfy lounge pants and a jean jacket. I want to wear it to work but super loose fitting tanks with raw edges is probably a bit too much even for my generally casual work place. Tragedy.

My favorite look though is paired with this Free People bralette.



2 thoughts on “faves > march 2014

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    ooh that looks delicous! and i’m a huge free people fan! especially for summer – it’s so laid back while still very stylish 🙂

    • joann says:

      i’ve been on their site all day trying to decide what to buy after my lenten shopping moratorium expires in 2 weeks. i want every single little summery slip and bralette!

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