going > short haul carry on

Last week started as a business trip but ended in a girls weekend (all of which took place in NYC).

Did you know I pack like a crazy person?

Here’s a peek into my very tidy carry on for this trip.


What do we have here?

1. work laptop – Werk it. (oops, not pictured)

[Clockwise from the top. Ignore the pile of hotel magazines on the far right.]

2. jewelry – As if I was going to head to NYC unaccessorized. Most of my stuff is affordable costume jewelry but I keep my watches and *real* jewelry in my carry on in case my bags head off to parts unknown.

3. liquids bag – I got tired of toting around grimy ziploc bags. Now I just keep this TSA approved see through zipper bag. The essentials: lotion, hand sanitizer, inhaler.

4. headphones + phone/tablet charger (in the larger green zip) – Need those headphones for the flight and dead phones are sad.

5. magazine (under the green zip) – Need that reading material.

6. extra clothes (in the larger rose bag) – Speaking of parts unknown. I keep a change of clothes in case my luggage doesn’t show up as planned. I bought these nylon Betsey Johson bags ages ago at Nordstrom Rack and they are so versatile. I have a very large one that I use as a makeup bag.

7. medicine bag –  The smallest Betsey Johnson bag holds meds, lady products, lipsticks, and other miscellany.

8. wallet + phone holder – I’ve abandoned my pretty MK wallet for this cheapy pink number from Target. It’s just so much easier to carry something small sometimes. My phone fits snugly on one side and my cards and a few bucks fit on the other. The only downside is the lack of coinholder.

9. sunglass case – Grabbed these from my car on the way to the airport.

10. notebook + pen – Will mostly be used for work but I try to take a little notepad with me when I travel. I sometimes need to jot something down quickly or I’ll get the urge to wax poetic about something. These are bigger than the ones I usually carry. Muji make a tiny, plain one that is perfect. These were pretty and on clearance at Target.

11. book – I don’t usually tote around a physical book but I’ve been trying to finish this one for ages. I’m determined on this trip to finally wrap it up.

12. personal tablet – I hate doing my personal browsing on my work laptop but this trip is too short to lug around both my work and personal laptops so my tablet will do.

10. disinfectant wipes (on top of the tablet) – Airplanes are gross, guys. So are hotels. Wipe that ish down.

That’s it! Yah, I take packing way too seriously. Yah, I have bags for everything. There’s actually a tiny shelf in my closet that holds my assortment of makeup/travel/cosmetic bags of every size and shape.

I’m carrying this all in my Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle Satchel which is my usual work bag. Everything is snug as a bug inside.


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