eating > kamayan at jeepney

Meal #5: A traditional Filipino feast at Jeepney.

In Filipino kamayan literally means eating with your hands. I took my coworkers and Jen here to introduce them to some for-real, totally legit, only slightly fancy Filipino food.


The good: SUPER FUN to eat with your hands on banana leaves and teach non-Filipinos to do it too. Nothing makes me happier than sharing Southeast Asian things (esp my own culture) with people. Food-wise my favorites were the lumpia (fried eggrolls), puto (rice) pancakes, and diniguan (beef blood pork stew).

The bad: My coworkers liked the roasted chicken but my piece was pretty dry. I should have opted for the fried fish instead.

The ugly: It’s a tight squeeze in this little restaurant. Bring people who don’t mind getting elbowed by you.

Jeepney (kamayan nights require reservations and are Weds and Thurs only):  201 1st Ave, New York City, NY 10003


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