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Meal #8: Shake Shack lunch with the girls.

We took our wool-coated selves over to Shake Shack for lunch following the Bouchon breakfast. We fell in line with some of Jen’s coworkers, perused the menu, and pondered the possibility that this might be better than In-n-Out. (Spoiler: Better? No. Good in its own right? Yes.)


The good: Look at ’em. Of course these are good. Well seasoned burgers, fresh accoutrements, (not pictured) crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside crinkly fries, and a side of cheese for dipping. I inhaled this meal like it was my job.

The bad: That Shake Shack sauce is unnecessary. If I come here again (I will), I’m getting it sans sauce.

The ugly:  The weather as per usual. Eating outside when it’s cold and you can’t feel your face is sad.

Shake Shack (multiple locations): SE corner of Madison Square Park near Madison Ave + E 23rd St, New York City 10010


2 thoughts on “eating > shake shack

  1. jenlui says:

    Did I mention that apparently Shake Shack just changed their fries?? Like literally three days after you girls left. I went to the Battery Park City one for my friend’s rehearsal dinner last Friday and the beloved thick cut crinkly fries are now skinny crispy fries. Also delicious, but just not the same.

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