eating > nougatine at jean-georges

Meal #9: (There’s a Boston Market sleepover meal that is the *real* #9 but that’s neither here nor there.) Fancy ladies lunch at Jean Georges’ Nougatine.

My dream of being a lady who lunches continues. Jen, Lizzie, Jane, and I got appropriately dressed (sans heels because Jen threatened us with a 10 block walking adventure afterwards) and popped over to this super classy place. Pro tip: the prix fixe is an incredible deal here.


The good: My favorite course was my appetizer of shrimp salad with avocado. Perfectly cooked shrimp, creamy avocado (I probably didn’t need the whole half but wow that’s generous), and a champagne dressing.


The bad: Those rigatoni were too al dente for my taste. The sauce and the meatballs more than make up for it though.

The ugly: Jane’s drink which was supposed to be a gin fizz but tasted suspiciously of a margarita… so odd.

Nougatine at Jean-Georges: Trump Hotel Central Park, 1 Central Park West, New York City, NY 10023


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