eating > booker & dax

After Momofuku we went next door to their sister bar, Booker & Dax, to kill some time before we met up with Jen’s friends at another bar.

I like this place!

We had a nice table next to the window where I did some people watching. The drinks got thumbs up from everyone and we all enjoyed a second round.


I got some riesling-based peach drink called Thunderpeach which is sadly not on the menu at the moment. A lot of the drinks are ‘milk-washed’ which the waiter said doesn’t make things milky so much as helps them get some nice froth on top. Wut.

We did eat here too. Jane ordered a very yummy ham plate which was served with the best bread on earth and some gravy business that tasted like melted Werthers (in a good way).

We also made things super awkward for the poor waiter but that’s a story for another day.

Booker & Dax: 207 2nd Ave (entrance on 13th St), New York City, NY 10003


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