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Meal #10: Making my Momofuku dreams come true.

I’ve wanted to eat here FOR AGES. I was foiled the first time because I was traveling with a vegetarian friend (hi, Jess) and Momofuku’s joints are notoriously not veggie friendly. The next times I was just too busy/too sick/too dumb to find my way here.

That is all in the past and I am finally in the Momofuku club.


The good: Sardines and toast (I LOOOOVE sardines) were salty and fishy, pig ears were crunchy and fun, and the rice cakes with sausage were surprisingly good with crispy on the outside rice cakes and tongue tingling peppercorns. As a bonus the Tiger beer came with a frosty mini glass to use.


The bad: Our timing. We came here super early (5:30ish) thinking we would need to wait 30+ minutes for a table. Instead, we were seated right away and ended up eating a super early dinner.

The ugly: Our faces as we looked longingly at the tables that had reserved the duck dinner. There’s a limited number for each night and we had missed it!

Momofuku Ssam Bar: 207 2nd Ave, New York City, NY 10003


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