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This was our last hurrah in Munich and it was a great one. Ambiance-wise this was my favorite of the ‘beer house’ style restaurants we visited in Munich. It still has that old world feel but with some modernity thrown in for good measure.

I ordered the exact same dish I ordered during our first meal – roasted young pork with gravy, a knodel, and sauerkraut. As per the first go-round it came with a cracklin’.


This meal was nothing to scoff at but the first version of this I tried was better. The meat at Der Pschorr is a bit tougher and the gravy less deep in color. I didn’t notice any difference in the knodel or sauerkraut. The cracklin was less toasty then the other one but still plenty crisp with the fat nicely rendered off to leave the super crunchy skin.


We ended our meal with a dessert ‘variation’ which was probably supposed to be called a dessert ‘sampler’. We fought a bit over the apple fritter, begrudgingly made way for the healthy-ish sorbet, enjoyed the strudel, and generally ignored the chocolate cake.

Der Pschorr: Viktualienmarkt 15, 80331 Munich, Germany


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