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If this castle looks familiar that’s because the castle in Sleeping Beauty is modeled after Neuschwanstein. It looks all old and medieval-y but actually this business was built in the 1860s. That’s right. Around the time that the US was in the throes of Civil War good old Ludwig II of Bavaria was building fairy tale castles.


Neuschwanstein is a roughly 2 hour drive from Munich. We took this Viator tour to get there although I think this is weirdly pricey so I’d shop around if I were you. Note that the price listed doesn’t include the entrance fees which they also mark up (boo).

Anyhow, you’ll learn all about Ludwig II including his obsession with the French royal court, Versailles, and Richard Wagner; his mysterious death; and his hermit-y tendencies. You’ll see beautiful views of the Alps, the Bavarian countryside, and this incredibly picturesque castle.

Prepare to hike up to it though. The busses drop off at the bottom of the hill and you’ll need to hoof it up the rest of the way (although real hooves in the form of horsies are there if you need them and there’s a shuttle bus that can take you most of the way too). This particular picture is taken off of Marion Bridge which is a 15 minute trek past the castle.


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