eating > the pancake bakery

We were hoping to hit a homerun of  3 city-finale-dinners. My choice in Amsterdam was pretty good (the poffertjes) and also pretty meh (the caprese pancake).

If you go here the sign in the foyer says to wait there to be seated. Ignore it. No one will come get you. Walk inside so they can seat you. Also, be prepared to order a drink as they have a policy of giving you tap water only as a second drink. We ended up having mini-glasses of Heineken with our pancakes.

We ate the berry drenched spring poffertjes first since the yogurt ice cream was melting fast against the warm pancakes.


Our love of poffertjes continues.


The caprese would have been tastier had someone salted it. Hmph.

This place is well rated on Yelp but I’d give it 3.5ish stars and wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to try it.

The Pancake Bakery: Prinsengracht 191, 1015 DS Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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