wearing > tory burch york smartphone wallet

I was sporting a Target procured hot pink and brown smartphone wallet for awhile. Then, as Target procured items sometimes do, it ripped open. My credit cards mocked me from their frayed/hole-y home.

It was time to upgrade.

Enter the Tory Burch sale from a few weeks ago.

The York smartphone wallet comes in three colors and is made of saffiano style leather. It has the small ‘stacked T’ brand logo on one side and zips fully open to lay mostly flat.


Inside there is ample room for cards (6 slots) and 2 sections for bills (which you need to fold to fit) on one side plus a zip pocket for change that is flanked by two open sections to fit your phone. There are also 2 more pockets that are handy for receipts and such.


This won the hunt for a smartphone wallet because: (1) it opens all the way, (2) there’s a change pocket, (3) the leather feels nice and sturdy, and (4) the logo/branding is subtle. For reference, my MotoX fits nice and snug in either of the pockets near the change pocket.

Tory Burch York Smartphone Wallet


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