eating > voodoo doughnut


Let me go ahead and paint a picture for you.

The building: brick with glitter paint and stained glass windows above the door.

The company: not-sober high school students waxing poetic on relationships and the uselessness of prom.

The intermission: a girl asking for ‘random acts of kindness’ (the high school students respond: WHAT? Do you just want money? We need our money for donuts.)

The background music: a brass band jammin’ like no one has jammed before followed by bucket-drummer man.

The wait: we predict 30 minutes -> reality is 50 minutes from getting in line to out the door with pink box.


The donuts: Blueberry cake was the all around fave. The chocolate cake with coconut was complimentary as the man behind the counter took pity on our other donut collections being out of stock (it was later in the evening). The giant one in the foreground is a Memphis Mafia which is a banana fritter with peanut butter and chocolate and behind it is a raised chocolate glazed with oreo bits and peanut butter.

We determined that our ‘oldness’ has made us boring and unable to handle the wild and crazy and awesomely sweet creations that Voodoo is known for. The basic donut at Voodoo is on point even if the Yelp reviews sound otherwise. The raised is light and fluffy and the cakes are crumbly but not too dense. Even the banana fritter base of the Memphis Mafia was very nice.

Voodoo Doughnuts: 22 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204


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