faves > may 2014

Oops. I totally forgot to do an April faves post.  Let’s pretend I didn’t like anything in April.


The Emperor of All Maladies keeps revisiting me. I keep thinking about the perfect storm that rumbles in our bodies to create cancer and the perfect, intricate orchestra that occurs otherwise.

What does one do to have the misfortune of this storm?


Those gosh darn Pok Pok chicken wings are haunting my dreams. So haunting I had to recycle this picture. I hate recycling pictures but look at it. C’MON.



So weather-wise this is not getting a ton of wear at the moment but it’s my favorite procurement this month. Originally priced at $158 but rang up for $24.10 and with no sales tax in Portland. AMAZING.


It’s made of water resistant fabric in olive green. There are pulls in the back to cinch the waist and plenty of pockets. I’m banking on olive green parka-types to make another appearance in the fall. The only weaksauce element are the thin, plastic-y buttons but I can overlook that because I only paid $24 and because the overall heft of the jacket is very nice.

G’bye May. Hello June.


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