eating > homemade poptarts

These are kind of a pain in the butt to make but they are one of the brothers’ favorites so like any good big sister, I endure.

Anything that involves a pastry crust with finicky butter that needs to stay cold is going to be annoying. I make it easier by using a pastry cutter, dealing with the dough in sections, using a small square cutter to make mini versions, and skipping the glaze. The glaze is actually delicious but by that part of the process my initiative is waning. The glaze also makes it harder to store these and/or eat them on the go.


The end result is flaky, buttery mini apple pies. I left the house with 20 of these cooling on the baking sheets. I returned home a few hours later and there were 9 left. I’ve only had 1.

I think any bake-able fruit would work well. I always want to do cherries but apples always win since they last a suspiciously long time in the fridge so are readily on hand. There are lots of poptart recipes online but I like this one by Raspberri Cupcakes.


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