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I first tried Stitch Fix a few months ago when Pop Sugar had a code to try it out. My first box was great but a bit pricey and nothing stuck out enough for me to keep. I’ve been feeling less than inspired with my closet and shopping trips as of late so I enlisted the help of a ‘fix’ (that’s what Stitch Fix calls ’em) to jumpstart my style mojo.

First up – let me explain what Stitch Fix is.

Step #1: You fill out some surveys, share your opinion on some outfits, share details about your body type and lifestyle. So the stylists gets an idea of what to pick out for you.

Step #2: You schedule a fix. Each one costs $20 (known as the styling fee). Based on your answers to the survey et al a Stitch Fix stylist will pick out some pieces to send to you.

Step #3: You get a box in the mail. It has 5 things for you to try – usually 4 garments and 1 accessory. Try things on!

Step #4: You keep what you want and log back in to your Stitch Fix account to complete the check out process. You give feedback on each piece and your $20 styling fee goes towards anything you keep. If you keep your entire fix, you get an automatic 25% discount.

Step #5: You put what you don’t want in the prepaid shipping bag and send it back to Stitch Fix.


I told the stylist I was in a florals phase and she sent a few different kinds of floral pieces. I squealed a little bit when I found this top in the box. A dark gray racerback tank (with zipper detail in the back) with light pink roses and minty leaves. There’s a contrasting pink layer that follows the hi-lo hem all the way around. LOVE.

Stitch Fix (this is a referral link) cami and tank | Paige white skinny jeans (old, hemmed + legs slimmed further) | Target Xhilaration Dessa sandals in cognac


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