wearing > white embroidered maxi

I’ve had this dress FOR.EV.ER.

It arrived super long.

I took it to get hemmed and the zipper conked out.

I got the zipper replaced.

Then, I couldn’t wear it because it was poking me in the neck right on my still healing scar.

For awhile I thought it just wasn’t meant to be. Then this Saturday rolled around and I finally wore it to become my nephew’s godmother. 🙂


Sorry for all of the hair in the way. Here’s another shot of the embroidery.


I ordered this dress from SheInside which is a China-based retailer. While this piece was of meh quality (hi, zipper) I’ve had other pieces that were better (amazing blazer) and worse (terrible sleeveless top). Note for bustier ladies that the bodice is very, very heavily embroidered (it’s lovely) but has very little room and ends short. It’s tight on me and I don’t have much to speak of in that department!

SheInside white maxi | Target Merona Emily sandals in black | Lulu Frost for Popsugar bracelet (old) | Forever 21 bow cuff (old)


6 thoughts on “wearing > white embroidered maxi

    • joann says:

      That’s what won me over! The contrast of the detailed embroidery + the yards of white chiffon-y material are a nice contrast.

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