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I only get to meet up with my sophomore year roomie, Becca, once in a blue moon. Since she lives in the city we end up picking some place roughly in the middle of our polar opposite locations. Last time it was San Carlos. This time it was San Mateo.

Three Restaurant & Bar is a cute little joint in downtown San Mateo. If you can get over how annoying it is to drive around this area of San Mateo you will be awarded with plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants to try out.


I made reservations but it wasn’t necessary since while the place was full-ish there was no wait to be seated.

Even though I spent the morning doing an assortment of oblique ab exercises I threw all of that effort out the window and ordered the chicken and waffles sandwich.

Seriously. Why do I even try?

The waffles were passable but I prefer mine crispier on the outside. The chicken had a great batter with a slightly spicy, maple syrup based sauce. Now, if you know me IRL you know I have a slight aversion to maple syrup. I kind of wish the chicken wasn’t drenched in it but the play of salty, sweet, and spicy was good and I didn’t leave smelling like maple syrup so all is well.

Better do more oblique ab exercises.

Three Restaurant and Bar: 50 E. 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401


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