eating > the sea by alexander’s steakhouse

This was a very fancy meal where a lot of things looked liked rocks.

Exhibit A.


These are lobster rocks. Tempura fried lobster with a squid ink batter. Tasty but could have used a kick of something acidic to cut through the rich lobster, fried coating, and creamy sauce.

Exhibit B.


Dessert rocks. A variety of custards in a milk chocolate shell on a plate with chocolate cake ‘dirt’. The mandarin custard was good as was the earl gray custard. The grapefruit coulis was very bitter.

So many rocks. I don’t get it.

We also had the hamachi shots (very nice), the dory (the sides on this were amazing), the mero (perfectly cooked fish), and the carrot cake dessert (just ok). The meal is finished with cherry flavored cotton candy and a few other treats which is a nice touch.

Overall, a nice place for special occasions if you’ve gotta money to burn. Get the hamachi shots, go nuts on the entrees, and skip dessert.

The Sea by Alexander’s Steakhouse: 4269 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306


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