eating > melty sweet brie + homemade bread

“I plan on impressing future guests with this beauty.”

Totally came true today. I had the girls over and half a wedge of brie waiting to swim in honey and fruit.

I also had a bread machine and a death wish for my electricity bill (ovens + summer weather = kind of a dumb idea).


The brie.

I trim the rind off because I don’t like it but you can leave it on because you’re rustic and don’t like to waste food. Drizzle honey over it. Spread sliced strawberries over the top. This was 2/3 of a wedge of brie, 4 small strawberries, and about 1 tbsp of honey.

Put it in the oven until it gets nice and melty and bubbly. I put this in at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes because…

The bread.

I made my own baguettes using this really easy recipe from All Recipes. I used a bread machine on the dough setting but you can also knead it yourself. It takes two rises before you pop it in at – you guessed it – 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

This works as a nice appetizer or even dessert. Next time around I’m throwing in more strawberries. I’ve also tried this with peaches which were also tasty but take longer to cook down. For harder fruits – apples, peaches, etc – I recommend cooking them down (like, in a pan) before adding them to the brie. The Farm Cafe also adds nuts which I forgot to add but also didn’t miss.



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