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If you follow me on Pinterest (you don’t because, like, 4 people follow me on Pinterest – it’s fine, I understand) you’ll notice I do my fair share of returns. I figured I’d start sharing the things that just don’t end up working out. Fun, right?

Let’s also get it out of the way that I have a dress form in my room. I do. I don’t sew. I just have one. Yes, it’s roughly my size. It’s usually sporting a top I’ve been neglecting or showing off a statement necklace that needs some love.

Back to what I’m not wearing. I scored this Asos jumpsuit during the the Jumpsuit Craze of 2014 (still in progress, mind you) because I wanted a sleeved, higher quality version of my beloved Forever 21 jumpsuit.


I put it on and thought – oh whoa this top part is kind of weird.


Then I stomped over to my brother’s room and said, “Does it look like I’m part of the Cobra Kai?”

His laughter solidified my decision to send this back to the fine folks at Asos.

Other thoughts in case you’re in the market for a sleeved jumpsuit –

  • It’s made of a heavy almost-suiting type of material.
  • The front is made to fold over the sash but the drape is very awkward.
  • There’s an elastic waist all around that constantly moves out from under the sash which looks silly. This causes constant adjustments to keep it looking ‘right’. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • This thing has: a sash, a hook, a button, and a snap. The only thing missing is a zipper. Oy.
  • The armholes are very wide so your underthang (aka bra) will show unless you have a cami.

My jumpsuit search continues.


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