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Technically, there’s aloe vera in this drink which you have to chew so there is eating and not just drinking going on. I love technicalities.


I partook in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale festivities today and had to stay dehydrated with all of that shopping and walking (8000 steps if you’re nosey and feeling specific). The pictures of the drinks at this place reminded me so much of some of my favorite treats from Singapore and Hong Kong.

I got the strawberry summer drink which is strawberry slushie, fresh strawberry, and aloe vera. It was very nice aside from the unpleasant I-drank-something-with-too-much-sugar feeling that my teeth got.

Next time I’m checking out the mango dessert.

Oh, and my pick for the Nordstrom sale are the quilted sweaters from Halogen. I picked up the purple and the white. The white is not available online but it has a really nice rose pattern. For reference I’m wearing a regular small.


Bar Code: inside Valley Fair Mall (2nd floor outside Uniqlo) 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95050


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