eating > theo and philo chocolate

Do you ever eat something that you like so much and you think: I’ve wasted so much time not eating this. 

I felt that way today.


A fellow pinay coworker dropped by my desk today with a pretty clutch (pictures later) with this little bar of gourmet chocolate from the Philippines tucked inside as a thank you for some volunteer logistics work I’m doing for her project.


It’s really not the most photogenic chocolate bar. It has a bit of a chalky sheen and you can see the pieces of green mango peeking out of the underside. But the combination of the bitter dark chocolate + sour green mango + zing of salt is sooooooooo yums. It’s extra special that this treat is made in the Philippines – from ‘bean to bar’ as the website says – and has lots of Filipino inspired flavors.

I’m now doing that thing where you ‘save’ food and eat very small sections of it to make it last as long as possible. I also had a minor panic when I thought I had LOST the half of the bar I had left after my initial inhalation of it during lunch. (It was in my back pocket.)

I followed this all up with an insane email to my friend with the subject line: this chocolate. The body of which includes ‘please bring back more from the Philippines – i’ll pay you back!!!’ She says that she regularly buys out the entire stock of this flavor at the stores she finds it at.

I now have a new pasalubong (yah, we have a special word for presents-you-give-when-you-come-back-from-a-trip) request for anyone visiting the Philippines.


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