going > natural bridges state beach

We left our homebody tendencies at home this weekend and braved the traffic horrors of the 17 to make our way to Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz.


The weather was lovely – slight wind, clouds that burned off as the afternoon progressed, and plenty of sun and hot sand. We picnicked, caught up on life, played some frisbee, and threw around the football. It was a great Saturday that we topped off with a post-beach/pre-home stop for falafels and ice cream (more on that later).


  • Check the traffic before making your way here and research some alternate routes. Otherwise, be prepared for traffic going there and coming back.
  • Get there early to stake a nice spot on the beach.
  • If you plan on getting into the water, a wet suit is advised because the water is COLD!
  • Parking is $10 past the gate but there’s parking on the street for free.
  • Plenty of space here for tents and canopies if that’s your thing. There’s also a proper picnic area (with tables and such) a little ways up from the beach.
  • Decent bathroom facilities – yay!

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