eating > best pb&j

Did you go to the beach and not finish the strawberries and blueberries you brought to share? Were they sitting in they Pyrex container being sad? Did you have to turn them into a fruity syrup?


I totally have something to do with that fruity syrup!


Take some regular ol’ sandwich bread and make some very peanut buttery sandwiches with them. It has to OOZE later so don’t be stingy with the peanut butter like my baby brother who is banned from making sandwiches due to his poor protein:bread ratios.

Cut ’em into fourths because Asian girls like cute small things (thanks, Jen). Dip the cute small things into your go-to french toast dip. Mine is eggs, milk or cream, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and a dash o’ salt. Eyeball because it ain’t that serious.
dip -> pan fry -> serve hot with warmed fruity syrup -> food coma
Have a good weekend!

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