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It’s been awhile since I shared some web reading.

Today I was catching up on my much neglected Springwise Feedly (RIP, Google Reader) folder. Springwise shares entrepreneurial ideas so there’s always interesting tech related news and goings on to read. Among the posts about acoustically transparent hoodies for djs and bras that detect heart attacks was this article about

I had never heard of 30k, a flight comparison site, which weighs not just price but also frequent flyer miles. Genius. I need someone to save me from the flight that is $70 cheaper but gives me half as many miles or no miles at all.

They also mention routehappy which believes that “not all flights are created equal” and provides a happiness score for each flight. This feels similar to Hipmunk’s much loved ‘agony’ metric but also weighs amenities and flyer ratings. It’s like Hipmunk and SeatGuru had a lovechild. More genius.


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