eating > cap’n mike’s smoked salmon

Can you tell I spent the weekend in the city? I haaaaate going up there but danggit if the food isn’t delicious, eh?

Don’t you worry though as I am lovingly bringing you these posts from the comfort of the suburbs.

Back to today’s story: our first stop in the city was the Ferry Building to avail of the very famous farmer’s market held there. While my friends enjoyed the chicharron from 4505 meats (didn’t seem that great but oddly addictive) and super rich porchetta sandwich from Roli Roti (I think I like the idea of this more than I actually like it) I inhaled these smoked salmon sandwiches.


As a Bay Area person I’m obligated to tell you that Acme Bread is the best bread in the history of best breads. These are made on Acme sourdough spread liberally with cream cheese, layered with smoked salmon, pickled onions, capers, and lemon. In the background you have the same bread and cream cheese smoked albacore tuna, pickled onions, and beets (BEETS! I love beets).

I ate one of the tuna ones and fake gave the other to my friend, Jerry. When he put it down to take a bite of his porchetta, I ate the rest of the sandwich I fake gave him. I have no regrets.

Cap’n Mike’s Holy Smoke: Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market: 1 Sausalito – San Francisco Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA 94111


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