eating > brenda’s soul food

How do you feel about waiting 1+ hours for brunch?

Probably not so good.

How do you feel about beignet flights though?

Probably pretty good.


This place has a million rave reviews on Yelp and they are well deserved. Nestled in the quaint Tenderloin (har har) you can easily spot it by the crowd of people outside.

From left to right above: crawfish, chocolate, apple, and plain (just barely showing). The crawfish is surprisingly yummy (I gave it an initial side eye), the chocolate also a winner, the apple very cinnamony (probably my least favorite of the bunch but still good), and the plain very nice with the berry jam on the table. If I visited again I’d get a full order of the crawfish and plain beignets for the table.

I also had the eggs benedict florentine on a cream biscuit that made my heart stop in a good way.


Don’t forget the watermelon iced tea to wash everything down.

I’m not joking about the stupidly long wait. We went there at 9:30 and had 20 parties waiting to be seated before us. Craziness. Pro tip: there’s a tasty bahn mi shop around the corner where you can get something to hold you over.

Brenda’s French Soul Food: 652 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94012


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