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I celebrated a personal health milestone last Friday and it made me all warm and fuzzy inside to get so many well wishes from friends. It’s been a long, strange year but here I am 365 days later no worse for the wear. 🙂

I took some time to toast with friends, say a prayer of thanks and gratitude, and read through all of the lovely messages I got that day. I thought the festivities were over until I got another surprise this past Monday. The reception desk pinged me because I had a delivery! I love deliveries!


Ta da! These beautiful flowers are from my super sweet friend, Angie, who ordered them from Bloom That. They came all wrapped up pretty-like in burlap with ribbon. How adorable is the kale? KALE, guys. In a flower bouquet. They are now sitting pretty-like on my vanity. I’m feeling very lucky that I’ll get to enjoy them this week.

Thank you so so much, Angie!

Angie, btw, is the queen of thoughtfulness. For my birthday last year she sent me this birthday card.


Yah, that’s right. There’s a little rolled up Happy Birthday message in that honest-to-goodness chicken egg!


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