eating > san tung chicken wings

I recommended the Pok Pok wings to a colleague that was visiting Portland and upon her return she informed me that while the wings were good, they didn’t hold a candle to San Tung’s in the city.

How could this be?

Is it possible that there were delicious chicken wings right in my own (1 hour away) backyard?

I used my weekend in the city as the golden opportunity to answer this very important question.


Answer: I would be ok not eating these wings again.

Now, don’t get me wrong. These wings have a following. I saw people eating a plate of these all to themselves (that’s 12 pieces!) and every table had some. Straight out of the fryer they were pretty good. Sticky, steaming hot, crispy, slightly stinky from the fish sauce marinade, a vague honey flavor, some chili-heat.

We revisited them awhile later (after a food coma nap) and they were still crunchy and sticky but the stink had grown by nth degrees giving the chicken a not-so-pleasant gameyness.

Pok Pok is still the #1 choice in my book.

San Tung: 1031 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122


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