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I have a boatload of NYC food posts for you. 🙂

First on the docket was a breakfast meet up with my fellow workaholic/college bestie/overly attentive oldest sibling, Jerry. We were booked up and down with work things for lunch and dinner so an early breakfast was the only choice. Luckily, our offices are a few blocks from each other on 8th Ave so we picked Brooklyn Bagels as a midpoint.


I think this might be my first real NYC bagel… I’m not sure what took so long but I finally get what all of the hubbub is about.

This was an everything bagel with dill cream cheese and cucumbers. Chewy and crusty and cream cheesey and – joy of joys – had the ‘everything’ bits on BOTH SIDES.

The jet fuel coffee that came with it I could probably live without though.

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co: 286 8th Ave #1, New York City, NY 10001


3 thoughts on “eating > brooklyn bagels

  1. jen says:

    No. No no no no no. You must go to Murray’s on 8th between 22nd and 23rd the next time you are in NYC. And if you hate it we can’t be friends anymore 🙂

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