eating > pig & khao

I have several food loving friends who give this place a thumbs up. Multiple thumbs up even. I thought it was just ok.

I went here with some coworkers after eyeing both sisig and pata on the menu. I know this place is more fusion-y so I wasn’t expecting super authentic dishes but the pata had me so confused.


This was so weird to me. Maybe it would have gone over better if it was not called crispy pata? I think they call it ‘peking pata’ because the whole set up is way more peking duck and less crispy pata. I was left missing the crispy, oven dried pig trotter of my dreams. Sad.

The rest of the night included: sisig (good but a little salty), green mango salad (fine), khao soi noodles (fine, super spicy), mussels with fried mantou (yum).

Pig & Khao: 68 Clinton St, New York City, NY 10002 (Lower East Side)


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