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This is a referral only Japanese-Spanish tapas place behind a butcher shop in the East Village.

I’ve never felt more cool than in this very moment. What is not cool is that my pictures suck. Sorry, still want to talk about it though so you’ll need to suffer through it.

The inside seats ~16 people with a small bar and small groupings of table + chairs and couches + coffee tables. There’s a small garden along the back wall and funky artwork on the walls. This place is way cooler than you. You’ll need to get over it.


We started with wagyu sashimi which I hastily took a picture of because I was hungry and it was already 9:45pm! This was ridiculously marbled, every so slightly seared (if I was silly I’d say *barely kissed* by the flame), and basically melted in your mouth.


Another favorite was the foie gras sushi. How do you get the crazy caramelization on the outside like that? SO GOOD. I wanted, like, 8 of these.

Other stuffs: double smoked bacon (giant slab of pork with sweet toast and a wee bit of mashed potatoes – good but paled next to the other dishes), toro taku roll (tuna and pickled daikon – the least exciting of the bunch), garlic shrimp (basically the tapas classic gambas al ajillo with fermented shrimp paste and crusty bread on the side – burned my mouth I was trying to eat it so quickly, very YUM), miso cod (PERFECT), and creme brulee with some yuzu-y ice cream (perfect ending).

Would really really like to go back and taste the uni dishes and the sliders…

Bohemian: 57 Great Jones St, New York City, NY 10012 (NoHo)


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