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We got a little bit obsessed with acai bowls and Basik Acai during our Hawaii trip. Proof: we were there for 4 days and had it 3x.

Acai bowls = thick blended acai berry smoothie + fruit toppings + granola + honey + other toppings (at Basik they include hemp seeds, pollen, almonds etc).


This is the Drifter (acai base with raw cacao, acai and cashew milk + bananas, strawberries + granola, cacao nibs, almonds, honey). You get the tart and sweet of the fruit, bitterness and richness of the cacao, crunch of granola and almonds, and the finishing sweet of the honey. SO GOOD.


The Waterman (acai base of acai, cashew milk, maca root + pineapple, blueberries + granola, cashews, coconut shavings, honey) which has the sweetest pineapple in the history of pineapples. This one was more tart than the previous bowls I tried and I thought the cashews were maybe a little too mellow but overall still a lovely, refreshing breakfast treat.

I also had the Banyan which I think might be tied as my favorite with the Drifter. The Banyan has peanut butter mixed into the base which makes it rich and creamy. Paired with bananas and strawberries and tons of granola the whole shebang is a caloric bomb worth every moment it takes to burn it off.

Word on the street is this place is opening a location on Polk Street in our very own city by the bay in November. Eager bellies await them.

I have no idea why the pics in this post are different sizes… sigh.

Basik Acai: (above Snorkel Bob’s) 75-5831 Kahakai Rd Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 (that’s The Big Island in case you’re Hawaii-impaired)


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