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This was our first dinner in Kona (Yvs and I had a less exciting lunch at Splasher’s for our official first meal which – unless I get really industrious – won’t be covered here).

May I present to you the very generous poke bowls from Umeke’s. In the foreground is Lizzie’s bowl which was a spicy tuna poke. Creamy with just a zing of heat and super fresh tuna. I had a less photogenic ‘da sweetie’ poke bowl which was tuna marinated in teriyaki flavors. Both bowls come with 2 heaping scoops of rice with furikake and your choice of side. Lizzie had garlic edamame and I had some pohole (a fiddlehead fern seaweed salad thingamajig).


I loooooooooved dessert. I inhaled mine in .2 seconds (approximately).


These are really small dessert bites. There’s a cookie crust layer (oat-y, sugar cookie-y), sweet potato filling (slightly sweet with that pleasant starchy taro flavor), coconut gel (light, sweet, creamy, coconut flavor without the taste of suntan lotion), toasted coconut (for extra texture). This is my ideal dessert – different flavors, textures, not too sweet, and just the right portion size.

Head’s up: Umeke’s poke bowls and dessert are delicious but Yvs had their beef bowl (no raw fish for the pregnant lady) and it was meh at best. Stick to the good stuff if you visit!

Umeke’s: 75-143 Hualailai Rd #105, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740


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