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This was Middle Brother’s birthday gift to his big sister. Before you get too impressed with his gifting skills, I’m one of those people that just tells my loved ones what I want for birthdays. It’s easier for everyone this way. 🙂


I love my new Whitney English planner. I opted for the mini design because the original is a bit too big to lug around to meetings. It’s also more flexible – you fill in your own dates. This works for me since I don’t necessarily need an intensely filled to do list every single day.


I like the daily gratitude and dinner boxes. There is something satisfying about writing out dinner plans and then not worrying about them the rest of the day and everyone needs a time out for some gratitude.

Before investing in the planner I tried out the format by signing up on the Whitney English site and getting the free pdf. After using it for a few weeks (and liking it) I took the plunge and asked dear Middle Brother to get it for my birthday. The Whitney English Etsy store is closed for a bit while they restock (yes, they are that popular) but is reopening the Monday of Thanksgiving week if you’re inclined to join me in fashionable to do list writing.


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