going > gardens by the bay

These were built after I moved from Singapore and I’ve missed the chance to visit them in all of my previous visits but my custard bun binge called for some walking and Gardens by the Bay was a convenient target.

There is an expansive outside garden with “supertrees” that look especially pretty at night.


There are also two biodomes which have entry fees. If you want to feel like you’re in the movie Avatar or Fern Gully (pick your poison) you can check out the Cloud Forest. There are walkways that take you all the way to the top and inside the ‘mountain’. You also get some nice views of Singapore through the dome windows.


The second is the Flower Dome which has some of the curviest trees I’ve ever seen. It also has flowers. Lots and lots of flowers and plants from various climates. Here’s a fancy panorama that I took for you.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


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