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I ate this plate of artisan salami in the backroom of a deli on the type of vinyl floral tablecloths you can only get at street joints in Asia. We had a communal table of which the other end was occupied by 4 dudes who ordered less food than us 4 ladies. There was a little dirty window overlooking some curing salamis. All was well with the world.


The meat plate is organized from the most to the least funky. My favorite is the very dark slices in the middle which I dubbed ‘the pumpkin spice latte of salamis’ – they had that cinnamon-y, clove-y, all spice-y goodness of fall. Who knew even salami could get the fall treatment.

The soup was smoked potato with kale. We finished every last drop of it.

This place is popular. There was a line before it opened at 11am so plan ahead.

Salumi: 309 3rd Ave South, Seattle, WA 98104


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