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Super long post ahead!

Why can’t every flight be this fancy?

This was my SIN to DXB flight on the much acclaimed A380. This was my second time flying on one of these and every time my face is like: O_O at how ginormous these planes are. They make other planes look so puny.

Business class on these babies is upstairs and includes a bar area. Sorry for the picture fail. My excuses are that (1) we we had turbulence for the first third of the light so we couldn’t walk around and (2) I was knocked out for the last two thirds. Oopsie.

Anyhow, look at these seats.


Nothing says fancy like wood paneling and leather (heeeeey, this sounds like the interior of my car). There are a little reading lights to the left of the seat and it’s equipped with a massage function. You get a nice sized pillow and comfy blanket (linen on one side, fleece on the other – do they sell these best of both world blankets somewhere?).

The window shade is actually sandwiched in between the glass with a little button for you to control it. Underneath the window is storage space enough for a large handbag.

What’s that thing to the left of the seat you ask?


It’s your own personal minibar. I’m not even kidding.

It has a few sodas, a mini Voss water, Perrier, and some juice that are slightly chilled. Above it is where they store your complimentary eye mask/socks. On the left in this picture is the control panel for your seat. You can recline it, move the footrest, turn on the massage, work the lights, etc from the panel. There are also a few controls for the TV.


Which is enormous. They even had entire seasons of shows on this thing. There is no better time to binge watch then on an long haul flight. The TV is a touchscreen but kind of far away to use in that fashion. The remote control has a long cord that reaches all the way over to the seat. Underneath here is where your feet go when you lay your seat flat to sleep.


Emirates gives out Bulgari branded toiletry bags. They come with some face cream, hand cream, mirror, and perfume along with a toothbrush and toothpaste. I find this combo very odd and less helpful than United’s business toiletry bag. Especially since to keep this stuff you need to fit the liquids into your Ziplog bag.

Let it be known I opted for some champagne on this leg of the journey.

Other fun notes about Emirates business class:

  • You get noise cancelling headphones to use during the flight.
  • There is hot/cold snack service for the long hauls.
  • Yes, the beverage service includes warmed nuts!
  • On the A380 the configuration in business is 1-2-1. The side seats alternate window/aisle and are quite private.
  • The configuration on the 777’s is 2-3-2. Smaller but still very nice.
  • The lavatories have real towels (in addition to the paper ones) to dry your hands. They throw these away. Major environmental guilt ensues so I opted for the paper ones. There’s also perfume/cologne in there along with more wood paneling!

Emirates starts flying A380s from SFO to DXB on today (Dec 1st) so this luxury will be even easier to enjoy (except for the whole ‘you need lots of money’ part).


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