eating > emirates business class

Flying business class makes you sad for all of the times you can’t afford to fly in this civilized fashion. From the cozy blankets to the real silverware to the cushy seats – it is really hard to go back to cattle class after being this comfortable.

Today we focus on food.


First appetizer: SFO to DXB. I went for the Arabic mezze plate to get me in the Middle Eastern mood (Emirates is based in Dubai). It came with dolmas (meh the rice inside was hard), pickled veggies (bracingly sour – yum), hummus (solid), and baba ganoush (smokey eggplant flavor – yum again).



Oops the pictures are mismatched sizes again. This was DXB to HYD.  A very nice shrimp and vermicelli salad. This was particularly good given the 8 servings of heavy carbs I had previous to it.


This was DXB to SFO. Pastrami (nice and peppery) with fresh herb feta (creamy with just enough funk). I barely ate my main course on this flight – some chicken mahbous that put me over my everything-with-spices quota post-India.

Sigh, when do I get to fly fancy again…


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